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“The Happiest People in the World are a testament to why two-person improv is so much fun to watch. Stephen and Erick are able to tap into each other’s minds and push each other’s buttons so quickly that you can’t help but get caught in the wake of the joy they’re having onstage. Both performers play intelligently and complement each other’s style so well that you forget they’re making all of this up on the spot.” – Will Luera, Director Emeritus of ImprovBoston, Director of BigBang Improv and Florida Studio Theatre.

“These two are a treat; measured, funny slow burn with delightful moments of intimacy” – Katy Schutte, Director of the Maydays, Project 2 and author of The Improviser’s Way.

“Hilariously funny, yet touching and very real at the same time. Like surgeons, only the steadiest hands are able to operate with such precision on the delicate matters of the heart.” – Aree, teacher/director Impro Neuf International.

“Their performance made me laugh and touched my emotions softly. I was also amazed with how they managed to switch between the different characters so fast and easy. Their show absolutely inspired me as an improviser!” – Johanne, Impro neuf Oslo.

Erick & Stephen

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