After taking occasional improv trainings as part of the drama club in high school (2002-2005), Erick really started improv in France in 2008 at ENSTA ParisTech. He was a founding member of the university’s theatre sports team, LOLITA. They successfully won many student tournaments. At ENSTA ParisTech, Erick also used and coached improv techniques to prospect and land partnerships to the student associations.

In 2010, Erick was in Adelaide, Australia, during four months. There, he was introduced to long-form improv in English. It was an epiphany.

In 2012, Erick moved to London, UK, for work-related purposes. He continued his improv journey, taking classes with Hoopla, the Free Association, The Maydays, i/O, Annoyance, Showstoppers and especially, The Nursery Theatre. In particular, he was auditioned into the Nursery’s first house team, The Verbs, where he met Stephen. In April 2016, Erick was part of the cast of Open Roads, an improvised indie road trip, at Improfest UK. Erick ventured into Studio-Ghibli and parliamentary enquiry inspired improvisation. He also specialised in Improvised Musical Theatre. Erick is currently directing a collective of French-speaking individuals to perform for non-French speakers.

Erick takes advantage of his improv skills in his job, working as an energy business developper, delivering public speeches and influencing senior executives. In 2017, he notably won an innovation pitching contest and was named innovation correspondent for his company.

Erick & Stephen