You said HaPIW?

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“A testament to why two-person improv is so much fun to watch” – Will Luera

“These two are a treat; mesuared, funny slow burn with delightful moments of intimacy” – Katy Schutte

Erick & Stephen met in London (UK). Erick is from France and Stephen from Canada. They have been improvising together since 2015. They have more than 15 years of combined experience. The Happiest People in the World are so named because they radiate joy and – always – display beautiful smiles on their lovely faces!

The Happiest People in the World is a London-based twoprov that perform without the safety net of any structure. Their act draws comparisons with the like of Dummy and TJ & Dave since they explore characters in their relationships and emotions. The show unfolds in a magic discovery where touching and hilarious moments naturally emerge.

They performed in shows across the UK. They headlined international improvisation festivals in Oslo and Reykjavik.

“Emotions at their purest” – Anonymous


Erick & Stephen